Octavia on the DigiArabs Top 10 Media List

Octavia makes the DigiArabs Top 10 List of Media Personalities!

Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Tough as nails... and not in a good way
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Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

'Treponomics: Toeing The Thinnest Possible Line Between Right & Wrong
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Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Crisis Control: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall
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Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Ask A Pro: Choosing Your Press Coverage
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Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Camera Ready: Five pointers for your Television appearances
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Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Reinventing yourself at the top
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Octavia on the UN Dispatch Podcast

The longtime CNN personality discusses how she cut her teeth reporting from the dangerous frontlines of Lebanon's civil war; how women's movements are shaping post-Arab Spring countries; and how a Tweet led to her being fired from CNN after 20 years of service.

Check out Octavia's appearance on Talk Of The Town from MTV Lebanon

Octavia was recently named one of Arab's 100 most powerful women from arabianbusiness.com!

Octavia will serve as a
judge in Lebanon's Social Media Awards 2013!

Nasr is one of the first journalists to integrate social media with newsgathering and reporting. She is CNN's former Senior Editor of Mideast Affairs and Co-Creator of the network's digital international newsgathering strategy. She is the recipient of several awards including the Edward R. Murrow Award in 2006, Golden Cable ACE Award in 2003, and Overseas Press Club Award in 2001. Before joining CNN, Nasr was a war correspondent for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation. She is currently a columnist with Annahar newspaper and co-host of MBC1's flagship program Kalam Nawaem.

Octavia Nasr: I would tell my younger self to live more, worry less.

US Islamic World Forum
Doha, Qatar - May 29 - 31

Fired over a tweet, Octavia Nasr says journalists need protection from social media flame wars

The September issue of Al-Hasnaa Magazine gets up close and personal with Octavia. (in Arabic)

HUFFPOST MEDIA ARTICLE: Undaunted, Octavia Nasr Tweets to New Heights - She has no regrets, she looks forward to capitalizing on the many opportunities the Middle East has to offer, and she continues to vigorously promote social media, although it led to her ouster from CNN. by Magda Abu-Fadil

Arab Media Forum - Octavia was a guest speaker at the recent Arab Media Forum in Dubai. Above is a photo from her
perspective at the podium.

Click here for a photo from Tedry.com

Top Arab Women Role Models - Octavia is listed as one of Yahoo!/Maktoob.com's Top Arab Women Role Models!

Former CNN senior editor of Middle East affairs, Octavia Nasr is considered one of the pioneers of bridging the gap between traditional and social media. She played a pivotal role building and running the social media international news gathering strategy at CNN, until she was fired in July 2010, over a public statement of respect on Twitter for Lebanese cleric Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, who she considered ÃÆ’¢ââ€Ã…¡¬Ã‹Å“one of Hezbollah's giants I respect a lot'. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Check out Octavia's interview with PBS' Need To Know on the situation in Tunisia.
Article | Audio Slideshow

Check out the Gulf News interview with Octavia and a behind-the-scenes extended video as a Gulf News crew of three conducted the interview.

Click the thumbnail below to get a larger view of media Octavia was featured in during her recent trip to the Middle East:

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Aljajeed "Person Of The Day" Interview

The National Article

Octavia recently appeared on PBS' Charlie Rose show talking about current events in Lebanon with Robert Worth of The New York Times and host Charlie Rose


MBC1 Kalam Nawaem


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