India is Calling - February 2010 - Rishikesh, India

There is something about India that’s hard to explain in words. It’s a feeling, a passion.. A fire within.. Sometimes it’s a breeze or a wave gently caressing me from inside. Cleansing my spirit with love and compassion.. India to me is joy and peace..

India has called me for a long time but I only made it there for the first time in 2007. As soon as I landed in Delhi then, love and compassion overwhelmed me. All my yoga teachings came together and made me whole. I simply fell in love with India and let go of all my defenses and prejudices.. I never felt the need for them as long as I was there.

Savoring every moment and every person I encountered.. I quickly learned that India is a love, a longing, a journey..
As I get ready to leave for India for the second time, I’m watching my defenses stand down already.. Calm and love for humanity are taking over. The individual is melting in the whole in preparation for the upcoming voyage.

India isn’t synonymous of tourism for me. It’s the home I never had.. It’s the big love of all which I carry in abundance.. It’s the compassion I seek in every breath I take.. It is Ganga.. an ashram.. revered cows sharing the street with a homeless man who doesn’t beg but is grateful for anything you give him.. Not all India is this way.. But to me it is that first and then everything else that comes with it.

I’m ready for my spiritual journey.. It is only about finding the peace within, the light within.. and bathing in them. Cleansing, rejuvenating the old soul. Awakening it to the bliss that is life.. Connecting it to the love that is everywhere and in everyone.


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